Outback SoJourn – THE LONG PADDOCK

This piece of sculpture is found 2 km’s south of the One Tree Hotel; on The Long Paddock.   I, like most people, was taken aback by it but laughed at the actual notion of watching the sun go down. 

It was here that I finally, truly cried. That gut wrenching runny nose type.   Even Molly looked worried and sad.  

I miss my dad so much and he would have loved this place.

 We would had a cup of tea, some of his favorite fruit cake ( of which i used to bake) and oatmeal biscuits, at the table and took in the scenery.  He would have patted my left shoulder and said” lovey it’s gunna be alright..”

sunset viewing lounge in The Long Paddock
Sunset Lounge

3 thoughts on “Outback SoJourn – THE LONG PADDOCK

  1. I take it your father passed on, hence the grief. I know how it feels like to miss a close loved one, being reminded of the things we would have enjoyed together. Such moments may cause us to feel some sadness, but we can be grateful that we once had someone we loved in our lives and they loved us back.


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