The Last Post

Laureate Louise

Here is another poem, that I am really proud to have written. It was for a competition, last year where the theme had to have some type of rural influence.   The poem signifies that no matter what some things weather all storms; i guess that could be summed up as my life also.

It is one of the last things i spoke to my dad about.




Decaying awayThe last post

Miniscule animals reside within


This age foretold by deep blackening rings

A small crack here, larger one there

Outer bark split

To breathe in the changing air

Sentry of the surrounding land

Sculptured by weathered hands

Originally they called you RED

Unlike fellow sentries, whom decomposed or dead.

Handcuffed together -you have broken free

Reminders lay rusting amongst the weeds

Large burls bleed waxy sap, crystallised tears

For a youth lost, time ago, some eighty…

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