Gotta love a dog’s love

Her are 4 very favorite photos of 3 dogs I have given unconditional love to over the years. Although I have never actually owned a dog of my own. I seem to always be the one who looks after everybody elses in our families.
 Salty was runt of litter and was originally got for Olivia, my brothers youngest, but ended up at his ( and my) house. He is the best. And so funny the way he runs around and around so excited when you come home from anywhere.
Jack and Joffa belonged to our mother. After a long illness One night in 2012 I sat and cuddled Jack until his heart gave out. He was 12 years old. 
When Mum came into town from the farm. Joffa made the move easily. He loved the park over the back fence and proceeded to anoint himself King Of the retirement village.
Lovable and at times lazy. He was good for me because it gave me a reason to get away from 24/7 care of her.  Eventually he became more my dog than hers. Joffa made the move to Keith, South Australia with me last year and loved running around the 1/2 acre backyard ; whilst I was at work.
After we moved back to mildura Joffa suddenly got old and did not want to walk as much. Slowly diabetes and a heart murmur took hold. When I got sick he knew and stayed real close. Eventually he lost his sight and ability to stand.
I had to make the hardest decision ever in my life.
By then Molly ( dads little dog) had become part of the family. She knew and would sit by Joffa urging him to try. 
The ladies at the vets were absolutely terrific. I had lots of time and cried so much they even cried.
So its been a year of grief and frustration full of tears. At times Molly just sits and looks at Joffa’s grave, under the weeping cassia tree. They know. 
That is why you gotta love a dogs love.

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