Australia Day Montage

Today is Australia day and I would like to share with you some of my photos that are quintessential Australian. Yes some are off my Valencia Princess blog but there are a whole heap of other ones . The cool looking couple are m parents in 1957 , on Glenelg beach South Australia way before any of us kids were thought of.  Enjoy.

My australia

Here are my photos that, for me, embody the word serenity. they range from sunset at Uluru to the beach at Apollo Bay, on a winters day.  Australia has so many places of beauty and serenity it is hard to capture it in a few photos.

Rio Vista House in Mildura

Rio Vista House Is the original House built by the Chaffey Brothers  in MIldura. Originally from California USA They were pioneers of this district called Sunraysia, and built the Irrigation System using the water from the Murray River. It was originally a huge citrus growing region but now is more agriculturally diverse and quite diverse in its popoulation.

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Some more of Glenelg

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ok i found 3 more pics of my trip to glenelg in august.  

in your spare time

what do you do with the old bathtub??? convert it into a seat.the old bathtub

Or if you got a few spare horseshoes make a stoll out of them.horseshoe chair

Living Desert Park

Today i visited the Living Desert Park. It is high on a range approximately it is approximately 12 km’s or 5 miles west of Broken Hill. Here is a gallery I made of the sculpture park. 

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