For the love of water.

most of these pictures are linked to the old Mildura homestead and the founding fathers of irrigation – the Chaffey Brothers.


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My australia

Here are my photos that, for me, embody the word serenity. they range from sunset at Uluru to the beach at Apollo Bay, on a winters day.  Australia has so many places of beauty and serenity it is hard to capture it in a few photos.

The Murray river Mildura, aus.

These pictures are of the Murray River at Lock Island and upstream, of the bridge between the 2 states.   They were taken on my 50th birthday.

Outback SoJourn – THE LONG PADDOCK

This piece of sculpture is found 2 km’s south of the One Tree Hotel; on The Long Paddock.   I, like most people, was taken aback by it but laughed at the actual notion of watching the sun go down. 

It was here that I finally, truly cried. That gut wrenching runny nose type.   Even Molly looked worried and sad.  

I miss my dad so much and he would have loved this place.

 We would had a cup of tea, some of his favorite fruit cake ( of which i used to bake) and oatmeal biscuits, at the table and took in the scenery.  He would have patted my left shoulder and said” lovey it’s gunna be alright..”

sunset viewing lounge in The Long Paddock
Sunset Lounge

Augathella Queensland

I stopped in this small but pretty town on the way from Cunnamulla to Blackall. It was 36C ( apx96F). “thella” means by a waterhole; in native aboriginal language.It is the home of the furthest  supermarket set up by pioneers and is home to ‘our famous’ meat ants.

Living Desert Park

Today i visited the Living Desert Park. It is high on a range approximately it is approximately 12 km’s or 5 miles west of Broken Hill. Here is a gallery I made of the sculpture park. 

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