A joyful year for Farmers

It is Christmas again BUT for a change it is a bumper year for our grain growers in Australia. Yes the overall price per tonne is minimal on a world wide scale But the farmers do not care.  Because they are all harvesting, many in a number of years, the tonnage per acre is solid and the overall weather has been very very kind to them.

So joy to the world….. to our farmers. For we will all still be able to get our daily bread.

wheat 2013 south of keith

Family Birthdays’

In the past three weeks we have celebrated two important milestones.  In the photograph on the left is the all important Birthday dinner – yes Roast Lamb with veg and gravy followed by a Triple Chocolate Fudge cake w Popping Candy praline on top.

From Left is Joanne, ( the youngest sibling who is a secondary school teacher at both Junior and Senior High school levels. ) She teaches Art, Art History, and History, coaches the volleyball team and has one daughter Kirra – who is opposite her in with the long blonde hair.  They live in a nice town called Barwon Heads on the coast apx. 70 km’s from me.

In the middle is Amber Marie. Who turned 18 the next day. She has a brother Jordan who is taking pics next to me.   Amber is leaving us for the Air Force in January and I am so proud.

Behind her is her father David and My younger but bit older than Joanne brother.

In the picture to the right is David at his 50th birthday party. It was an enjoyable day with all of us and his mates at a mountain bike riding park.   SO i am very proud of these people because they tolerate me and eat all my food.  IN the back of this pic is Tietain and Connor the two sons of Dean; daves mate. and his buddy Geoff who organised for all the guys to buy David a VERY expensive mountain bike for his birthday.  So far no scratches or crashes with that one.

Family love them, loathe them, at times be irritated by them but after alll they will still help you when you fall.



VALE – Molly my princess

princess molly

Yesterday I wrote on Capricorn Girl how I had returned to the joyous world of blogging and WordPress.   I had taken, rather, way too long to get my creative mojo back.

Sadly I am telling you of how my little princess and guardian of the deep and mystical passed away quite suddenly ; last night at 9.35pm (est Australia) time.

If you have had a pet then you will know that I am heartbroken, so sad and quite lost today.

There did not seem anything wrong with her. It was our usual day. Dog treat breakfast, walks, plays, dinner and lounging on the couch watching some rubbishy reality cooking show. then bed.

We had just both settled when I heard a high pitched yowl and, thinking she was having a bad dream, got up soothed her but that was it.  …….I could not get her to wake up.

Molly was my saviour after my dad passed away 16 months ago. originally she was his dog.  Molly came with me on the trip to Queensland and loved her way into many peoples hearts along the way.

She loved overpriced dog schmackos, and my dog doggie dinners, chicken necks and kangaroo sausages.  She was the keeper of my secrets, easy to cuddle and loved watching cooking shows with me.  She also loved to listen to music – bryan adams, van morrisson, enya, elton jon, ELO, a bit of van halen,crowded house and some Andre Rieu.

If I played a cd that she did not like then she would tuck her chin as far under her front paws as she could.

Molly also kept that nasty ‘black dog’ at bay.  it was scared of her.

i miss my princess.  I know know how other people feel when they lose a pet.   They are family after all.

A quick note

I have begun blogging again.

In the near future will be some terrific photos i have taken whilst travelling back and forth for family reasons.  So hip hip hoooray! I will be back to cheer up your days.

Happy Australia Day

For those who have not yet visited my primary blog: http://www.valcenciaprincess.wordpress.com or read the blog of my sojourn to far west Queensland.

here is a snapshot of some of my photos that I believe depict Australia and its uniqueness.

Happy Birthday Australia

My australia


Here are my photos that, for me, embody the word serenity. they range from sunset at Uluru to the beach at Apollo Bay, on a winters day.  Australia has so many places of beauty and serenity it is hard to capture it in a few photos.

The Murray river Mildura, aus.

These pictures are of the Murray River at Lock Island and upstream, of the bridge between the 2 states.   They were taken on my 50th birthday.