A quick note

I have begun blogging again.

In the near future will be some terrific photos i have taken whilst travelling back and forth for family reasons.  So hip hip hoooray! I will be back to cheer up your days.

Happy Australia Day

For those who have not yet visited my primary blog: http://www.valcenciaprincess.wordpress.com or read the blog of my sojourn to far west Queensland.

here is a snapshot of some of my photos that I believe depict Australia and its uniqueness.

Happy Birthday Australia

My australia


Here are my photos that, for me, embody the word serenity. they range from sunset at Uluru to the beach at Apollo Bay, on a winters day.  Australia has so many places of beauty and serenity it is hard to capture it in a few photos.

The Murray river Mildura, aus.

These pictures are of the Murray River at Lock Island and upstream, of the bridge between the 2 states.   They were taken on my 50th birthday.

Creation – I ‘m finally finished

The scarf I made for my sister.
The scarf I made for my sister.

Here is photographic evidence of the fact.  I have just, 2 hours ago, finished knitting this scarf for my sister. I began it for her birthday 18 months ago.  Alas many other things happened and I never finished it on time.   In the menawhile I was reminded, by many people, of my failure to see things through.  ( supposedly).

So, after some time and the fact that I unwound all of it and began again; only 2 months ago.   i am very pleased with my effort and the final result.  Ok it is not totally perfect, yes there are a couple of wrong stitches, and a badly picked up one or two. It is the fact that i finished.

It is made from Pure Alpaca Wool from A farm near Kyneton, Victoria.

The wool is spun and hand dyed.  It is sold at the Creswick Mills, Victoria.  And the knitting needles are my great grandmothers size 4.5mm.  It is 70 stitches across, 204 cm in length and was my first attempt at cable.   

So I want to say Thank You Colleen, ( silver threadings) fro encouraging me to seek mindfulness..   This is a very proudly all Australian Made knitted scarf.